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Laboratory for Advanced Materials (Laboratory)
Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad

• Synthesis of nanoparticles and core/shell nanostructures
• Processing of porous and dense ceramics
• Structural and functional characterization
• Processing and characterization of electroceramics - dielectrics/ferroelectrics/multiferroics
• Processing and characterization solid oxide fuel cells
• Processing and characterization mesoporous structures for bioengineering applications

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true Srdić Vladmir srdicvv@uns.ac.rs Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad

• Conductivity of Co and Ni doped lanthanum-gallate synthesised by citrate sol-gel method.
• Synthesis and structural characterization of Ce-doped bismuth titanate.
• Silica coated ferrite nanoparticles: Influence of citrate functionalization procedure on final particle morphology.
• Bismuth titanate thin films prepared by wet-chemical technique: Influence of sol ageing time.
• Effect of surface functionalization on synthesis of mesoporous silica core/shell particles.

• I. Stijepovic, A.J. Darbandi, V.V. Srdic, “Conductivity of Co and Ni doped lanthanum-gallate synthesised by citrate sol-gel method”, Ceram. Inter, 39 (2013) 1495-1502.
• B. Mojić, K.P. Giannokopoulos, Ž. Cvejić, V.V. Srdić, “Silica coated ferrite nanoparticles: Influence of citrate functionalization procedure on final particle morphology”, Ceram. Inter, 38 (2012) 6635–6641.
• M.P. Nikolić, K.P. Giannakopoulos, D. Stamopoulos, E.G Moshopoulou, V.V. Srdić, “Synthesis and characterization of silica core/nano-ferrite shell particles”, Mater. Res. Bull., 47 [6] (2012) 1513–1519.
• V.V. Srdić, B.Đ. Mojić, B. Bajac, S. Rakić, N.M. Pavlović, “Bismuth titanate thin films prepared by wetchemical technique: Influence of sol ageing time”, J. Sol-Gel Sci. Technol., 62 (2012) 259–265
• M.P. Nikolić, K.P. Giannakopoulos, M. Bokorov, V.V. Srdić, “Effect of surface functionalization on synthesis of mesoporous silica core/shell particles”, Micro. Meso. Mater., 155 (2012) 8–13.

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