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The Novi Sad Nuclear Physics Group (Research group)
Faculty of Science in Novi Sad

• Nuclear structure studies
• Studies of rare nuclear events
• Methodological developments:

• Optimization of timing of different counting experiments
• Optimization of different shielding arrangements
• Optimization of detection efficiencies for gamma-rays

• Experimental and theoretical studies of different components of background
• Applied research of environmental radioactivity and radiopurity testing

Name email Host institution
true Bikit Ištvan bikit@df.uns.ac.rs Faculty of Science in Novi Sad

• low-background gamma spectrometry systems developed within laboratory
• anticoincidence/ coincidence systems for investigation of rare nuclear processes and cosmic-ray induced events, developed within laboratory

• I. Bikit, D. Mrdja, J. Nikolov, K. Bikit, S. Forkapic, Methods of low level gamma spectroscopy, Gamma Rays: Technology, Applications and Health Implications, Editor: I.Bikit, ISBN: 978-1-62257-697-5, (2013), Nova Science publishers Inc., pp. 41-73.
• D. Mrdja, I. Bikit, M. Veskovic, J. Slivka, N. Todorovic, J. Nikolov, S. Forkapic, K. Bikit, Time resolved spectroscopy of cosmic-ray muons induced background, Astroparticle Physics, vol. 42, pp. 103-111, 2013.
• T. Nemes, D. Mrdja, I. Bikit, Absolute activity measurement of 152Eu sources with a single detector, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, 2011., vol. 648, pp. 114-123.
• N. Todorovic, J. Nikolov, S. Forkapic, I. Bikit, D. Mrdja, M. Krmar, M. Veskovic, Public exposure to radon in drinking water in Serbia, Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 2012. ,Vol. 70, str. 543–549 
• I. Bikit, D. Mrdja, N. Todorovic, J. Ninkov, M. Krmar, M. Vesković, J. Slivka, J. Hansman, S. Forkapić, N. Jovančević, Airborne radioiodine in northern Serbia from Fukushima, Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, vol. 114, pp. 89–93, 2012.

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