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• To provide necessary and currently not available state-of-the-art ICT solutions for agriculture, water management, forestry and environmental protection in line with EU regulations, that will help integration of Serbia into EU.
• To be a regional networking institution and to present a backbone of the regional GEOSS and national LTER (Long-Term Ecosystem Research and Monitoring in Europe) network.
• To be recognized as a preferred networking partner of other European institutions.
• To foster substantially new research directions, which could lead to scientific and technological breakthroughs.
• To develop a systematic approach to management and exploitation of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), and to serve as a lighthouse in this field to other institutions in the region.
• To be a strongpoint of technological development, eco-innovation, and knowledge & technology transfer in the region as well as in Europe, contributing to the European economy and growth.
• To attract, develop and retain the best researchers with different educational backgrounds, with an emphasis on hiring young researchers and their inclusion in state-of-the-art multi- and inter-disciplinary research.
• To provide sustainable development of the Centre through commercialization of its IPR and its research results, as well as through various national and international funding schemes,
• To foster integration of researchers from the West-Balkan Countries (WBC) into European Research Area (ERA).
• To influence the policy-makers and governmental institutions.

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true Crnojević Vladimir crnojevic@uns.ac.rs Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad

• System for estimation of flooded agricultural land based on high-resolution satellite imagery
• System for automated crop classification based on high-resolution satellite imagery
• Integrated system for optimization of irrigation management with the combined use and integration of high precision satellite data, advanced modeling, process control and business innovation
• Miniature sensors for soil moisture independent of the soil type
• Visual system for automated classification of pollinators (Syrphidae:Diptera)

Project title Project type
FP7-REGPOT-2012 Project InnoSense Uluslararası
FP7-ENV-2010 Project BalkanGEONet Uluslararası
FP7-ENV-2010 Project ENORASIS Uluslararası
FP7 IRSES Project MultiWaveS Uluslararası

• V. Crnojevic, V. Senk, Z. Trpovski, “Advanced impulse detection based on pixel-wise MAD”, Signal Processing Letters, IEEE 11 (7), 2004.
• Petrovic, N.I.; Crnojevic, V.: Universal Impulse Noise Filter Based on Genetic Programming, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 2008, Vol. 17, No. 7, str. 1109- 1120, ISSN 1057-7149
• D. Culibrk, M Mirkovic, V. Zlokolica, M. Pokric, V. Crnojevic, D. Kukolj, “Salient motion features for video quality assessment”, Image Processing, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, Volume: 20 Issue:4, pp(s): 948 - 958, ISSN: 1057-7149.
• Cedomir Stefanovic, Dejan Vukobratovic, Francesco Chiti, Lorenzo Niccolai, Vladimir Crnojevic, Romano Fantacci: “Urban Infrastructure-to-Vehicle Traffic Data Dissemination Using UEP Rateless Codes”, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, Vol. 29, No. 1, pp. 94-102, January 2011.
• Dejan Vukobratovic, Cedomir Stefanovic, Vladimir Crnojevic, Francesco Chiti, Romano Fantacci: “Rateless Packet Approach for Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks”, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, Vol. 28, No. 7, pp. 1169-1179, September 2010.

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