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• Biped gait analysis and synthesis
• Biped gait control under small and large disturbances
• Robot motion in unstructured environment
• Use of robots in human environment
• Design and use of robots as medical assistive technology
• Communication and interaction between humans and robots
• Cognititive activities of robots
• Mechatronic design

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true Borovac Branislav borovac@uns.ac.rs Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad

• Various techniques of biped gait synthesis, particularly for motion in unstructured environment
• Biped gait control synthesis under influence of small and large perturbations (different strategies are required)
• Design and realization of sensor with soft contact surfaces, particularly appropriate for contact tasks.
• Development of humanoid robot as assistive technology in treatment of children with developmental disorders
• Development of humanoid robot as test bed for research of human-robot interaction and of social acceptance of robots

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• Vukobratović M., Borovac B., Raković M., Potkonjak V., Milinović M., “On some aspects of humanoid robots gait synthesis and control at small disturbances”, Int. Jour. of Humanoid Robotics, Vol. 5. No. 1., (March 2008), pp 119-156, ISSN: 0219-8436.
• Borovac B., Nikolić M., Raković M., “How to Compensate for the Disturbances that Jeopardize Dynamic Balance of a Humanoid Robot? “, Int. Jour. of Humanoid Robotics, Vol. 8, No.3, (2011), pp. 533-578, DOI No: 10.1142/S0219843611002551.
• Vukobratović M., Herr H., Borovac B., Raković M., Popovic M., Hofmann A., Jovanović M., Potkonjak V., “Biological Principles of Control Selection for a Humanoid Robot’s Dynamic Balance Preservation”, Int. Jour. of Humanoid Robotics, Vol. 5, No. 4, 2008, pp. 639-678, ISSN: 0219-8436.

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