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FP7 Centre of Excellence in Food Safety and Emerging Risks (Center)
Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad
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Research interests: Food chemical safety; Environment protection; Food quality control; Development of analytical methods for chemical contaminants and residues in foodstuffs and environmental samples; Functional food and new food products with enhanced nutritive value; Food supply chain waste valorization; Alternative and gas fuels; Application of chemometric methods in food and environmental protection domains, including waste valorization; Risk assessment.

Activities: Participation in the research projects; Experimental work; (analysis of persistent organic and inorganic pollutants, mycotoxins, emerging pollutants in various samples); Service analysis for third parties by accredited and validated methods; Trainings including open-access and customized trainings for PhD students, post-docs and professionals; Organization of the events for promotion and dissemination of research results.

Name email Host institution
true Škrbić Biljana biljana@tf.uns.ac.rs Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad
Antić Igor antic@tf.uns.ac.rs Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad
Buljovčić Maja majab@tf.uns.ac.r Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad
Cvejanov Jelena cvejanov@tf.uns.ac.rs Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad
Đurišić-Mladenović Nataša natasadjm@tf.uns.ac.rs Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad
Živančev Jelena jelena.zivancev@tf.uns.ac.rs Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad

The Centre has equipment for the food and environmental contaminants analysis that is unique within Balkan region and leveled with the international research centers, enabling target analysis of regulated, unregulated and emerging pollutants as well as screening of unknowns in various kinds of samples. The main result achieved after establishing the Centre is development of the advanced and robust analytical methods for analysis of mycotoxins in cereals, cereal-based products, spices, coffee, nuts and milk, generating the first information of simultaneous occurrence of the regulated and unregulated mycotoxins in foodstuffs from the Serbian market. Furthermore, independently and also in close collaboration with eminent EU laboratories, the Centre accomplished the first results on occurence of emerging pollutants in domestic and foreign food items and the environment (i.e. perfluorinated compounds in the foodstuffs and waters, pharmaceuticals and endocrine disrupting compounds in surface and waste waters in northern Serbia and phthalic acid esters)

1. S. P. Alves, C. M. Alfaia, B. D. Škrbić, J. R. Živančev, M. J. Fernandes, R. J. B.Bessa, M. J. Fraqueza, Screening chemical hazards of dry fermented sausages from distinct origins: biogenic amines, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heavy elements, J. Food Compos. Anal., 59, 124-131, 2017

2. B. D. Škrbić, V. Marinković, I. Antić, A. Petrović Gegić, Seasonal variation and health risk assessment of organochlorine compounds in urban soils of Novi Sad, Serbia, Chemosphere, 181, 101-110, 2017.

3. M. Arshadi, T. M. Attard, R. M. Lukasik, M. Brncic, A. M. da Costa Lopes, M. Finell, P. Geladi, L. N. Gerschenson, F. Gogus, M. Herrero, A. J. Hunt, E. Ibáñez, B. Kamm, I. Mateos-Aparicio, A. Matias, N. E. Mavroudis, E. Montoneri, A. R. C. Morais, C. Nilsson, E. H. Papaioannoua, A. Richel, P. Rupérez, B. Škrbić, M. Bodroža Solarov, J. Švarc-Gajić, K. Waldron, F. Yuste, Pre-treatment and extraction techniques for recovery of added value compounds from wastes throughout the agri-food chain, Green Chem., 18, 6160-6204, 2016.

4. B. Škrbić, Y. Ji, N. Đurišić-Mladenović, J.Zhao, Occurence of the phthalate esters in soil and street dust samples from the Novi Sad city area, Serbia, and the influence on the children’s and adults’ exposure, J. Hazar. Mater., 312, 272-279, 2016

5. N. Đurišić-Mladenović, B. Škrbić, A. Zabaniotou, Chemometric interpretation of different biomass gasification processes based on the syngas quality: Assessment of crude glycerol co-gasification with lignocellulosic biomass, Renew. Sust. Energ. Rev., 59, 649-661, 2016

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